Another Successful Claim

Monday 12th April 2021

It is no secret that timeshare owners are some of the hardest hit consumers out there. Not only are the vast majority mis-sold expensive and lengthy contracts but they are also then often victimised by scammers looking to take advantage of their desperation to be free from their lengthy and expensive contractual […]

The future is timeshare?

Wednesday 7th April 2021

Following the big news that Hilton Grand Vacations is acquiring Diamond Resorts for billions of Dollars in company shares, in the midst of a pandemic, Diamond CEO Mike Flaskey welcomed the news. He spoke with American news channel Fox to discuss the impending acquisition and in an optimistic outlook, says Diamond are […]

Reports of pension scamming drops – officials issue new warning.

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Pension scamming has become such a big problem new legislation was brought in to tackle it and stop victims with pensions from losing everything. The legislation meant that people were not allowed to be cold called from companies to talk about their pension pots and coerced into investing into fraudulent schemes. However, […]

Is now the right time to get out of your timeshare?

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Many people regret ever having entered the world of timeshare and wish they could go back in time and not of signed that dreaded timeshare contract. The majority of people who have ever attended a timeshare sales presentation and pressured into purchasing on the day, leave asking themselves “how did that happen?” […]

Can you cancel a timeshare contract?

Wednesday 24th March 2021

When people attend timeshare presentations, they are often blown away by the sales pitch and totally sold on the benefits of having a holiday guaranteed each year. The way in which they are portrayed make them sound amazing and an opportunity not to be missed. You can share them with friends and […]

Diamond Resorts takes scam company to court

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Diamond Resorts and CEO Mike Flaskey are not ones to keep quiet when it come to their customers and making sure they expose companies who try to take advantage of owners who are desperately seeking a way out of their timeshare burdens. They are often in the headlines taking companies to task […]

Pensioner pays £500 to Census scammer.

Monday 22nd March 2021

A man claiming to be from the Office of National Statistics knocked on the door of an elderly woman from London, claiming she had not filled in her Census form on time and demanded she hand over a £500 fine.
The conman explained that she had a legal obligation to complete the Census […]

Court orders in Diamond’s favour

Tuesday 16th March 2021

In an ongoing dispute between Diamond Resorts and a timeshare exit company, a judge in the United States has ruled in favour of Diamond. The exit company, named as Reed Hein, asked the court to dismiss Diamond’s lawsuit, which claimed the firm were falsely advertising services, tortious interference, and unfair trading practices. […]

Timeshare Giants make big business moves.

Monday 15th March 2021

Is Hilton Grand Vacations Buying out Diamond Resorts?
Hilton Grand Vacations has announced they are to purchase Diamond Resorts, the largest of the timeshare operators with 92 resorts and just under 400,000 members worldwide. The purchase is being made through stock sales with a value of £1.4 billion. Apollo, which owns Diamond […]

What is the latest news in the world of timeshare?

Wednesday 10th March 2021

Judge rules timeshare owners must pay additional tax.
Over in the States, following a court battle that has been going on for four years now, a judge has ruled that a tax on timeshare units is justifiable. If timeshares owners do not have to fork out enough for the luxury of owning one, […]